Sewing Machines Distribution Program at Sanjay Park
Sewing Machines Distribution Program at Sanjay Park

One must develop skills that stretch capacities, that make one more than what one is.

CybageKhushboo always aims to improve the economic status of women and their families by imparting business skills and education. The primary aim of the skill development vertical is to empower and rehabilitate Indian women and improve their economic status.

Under its skill development vertical, CybageKhushboo in association with Mann Deshi Foundation conducted an “Advanced Tailoring” program for its adopted slum community at Sanjay Park on January 17, 2020.  Fifteen women successfully completed the training which ran its course for four months.

The main agenda behind this training program was to impart valuable skills to the women of the community to make them economically independent. CybageKhushboo further supported the initiative by gifting sewing machines that have high tech features, so that the women of the community could begin their entrepreneurial journey with the required tools.

All the beneficiaries were very excited to be a part of this initiative. This was a golden opportunity to enhance their daily income as it would help them build a secure and stable future.