CybageKhushboo- Virtual get-together
CybageKhushboo- Virtual get-together

CybageKhushboo has been constantly providing financial assistance to economically backward but promising students to help them fulfill their educational aspirations and secure a bright future. 

On September 29, 2020, Cybage held a virtual get-together with CybageKhushboo beneficiaries who are pursuing various degrees in engineering from Pune's top engineering colleges such as COEP and VIT.

The session was led by Ritu Nathani, Director - CSR, Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. As usual, she guided all the students for their future and shared her vision with them. The students were very excited and thoroughly enjoyed the session. Their enthusiasm was beyond doubt as they got a chance to interact directly with Ritu in an open forum. They spoke with her about their experiences and challenges. Ritu asked about their expectations and if they required any additional support from Cybage. The students felt highly motivated and had a clear understanding of the path ahead in their minds. 

CybageKhushboo Team is thankful to Ritu Nathani for taking out time from all her philanthropic work and patiently guiding all the beneficiaries.