CybageKhushboo organizes first session for new scholars
CybageKhushboo organizes first session for new scholars

For the new batch of 2015 scholars, CybageKhushboo organized a professional guidance session by Mr. Vivek Velankar, extending their commitment to persistent development. In this session, the attendees were advised to focus on adding quality to their studies for getting better placements. The session was held at Cybage Towers on Sunday, October 11, 2015. 

Mr. Velankar, a renowned RTI activist and career counsellor, addressed students explaining them hardships of life and how difficult it can be when a student comes out of college without a job in hand. Placement is the most important thing for any student. However, the preparation for it is always taken for granted. Students need to stay focused and prepare themselves right from the first year of their degree. This gives them ample amount of time to harness the basic professional skills which will help them to get a job.

To further emphasis his point, Mr. Velankar highlighted importance of consistent academic performance, clear fundamentals, good communication skills, and project work in getting the right placement. He suggested often overlooked, yet attractive opportunities in Public sector. He also informed about the open job choices after diploma.

Around 55 students attended this motivating session and were encouraged to ask questions. Students clarified their doubts on career choice between a good job offer and higher studies and were all geared up for preparing to face all the upcoming challenges.