Geetha Sham grooms students
Geetha Sham grooms students for professional success

CybageKhushboo organized a professional grooming and career path defining session by Geetha Sham, Vice President-Travel and Hospitality, Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. for its scholars on Sunday, February 28, 2016.

CybageKhushboo has been consistent in organizing sessions for the holistic development of its scholars. The senior management at Cybage has always been very supportive for all activities. This time, Geetha Sham stepped forward for shaping students’ attitude to face the upcoming challenges of professional life. An interactive session discussing professional behavior and defining career path was organized to help students learn and succeed.

In this unconventional session, Geetha helped students understand that self-introduction is an opportunity and how can they fructify it. She guided students to make technical skills their strength. She highlighted the importance of communication and interpersonal skills explaining that to succeed professionally, the most critical aspect is to move ahead as a team. She also gave emphasis on the power of listening.

Geetha asked students for their career goals and encouraged them to dream big and aim high. She explained that the only bridge that connects dream to reality is will power. She specifically encouraged girls to continue working towards their dreams after getting married and conceiving children. She also explained how to channelize positive energy and enhance skills to achieve high aims.

More than 50 students from final year courses and recent graduates attended the session. The attendees were motivated as the session gave direction for defining their attitude towards the challenges of professional life.