Q: What is CybageKhushboo?

Khushboo Charitable Trust, also known as CybageKhushboo, is a self-sustained NGO and a philanthropic arm of Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. It believes in the power of education. Right from its inception in 2009, it has been constantly providing financial aid to economically backward but promising students so that they can fulfill their educational aspirations and secure a bright future. CybageKhushboo is relentlessly engaged in scalable educational projects to boost promising careers.

CybageKhushboo grants scholarships to students who want to pursue professional courses in Engineering (B.E. and Diploma) and Medical streams, BCA and MCA, along with Medicine-related courses such as Pharmacy, Dentistry, Homoeopathy, and Physiotherapy.

Q: How can a volunteer join CybageKhushboo?

Cybagians seeking to be volunteers can write to csr_team@cybage.com.

Q: Can a volunteer make a financial donation to CybageKhushboo? Will these donations be exempt from tax?

Yes, all donations made to CybageKhushboo receive tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Q: What are the criteria for getting scholarship under CybageKhushboo?

The eligibility criteria for the CybageKhushboo Scholarship Program are:

1) The applicant must score a minimum of 60 percent in Class X and Class XII exams.

2) The total family income of the applicant should not exceed Rs. 2.5 lakh per annum.

3) The student must have secured admission in a government or a private college on the basis of merit and not through management quota.

Q: From where can one get the CybageKhushboo scholarship application form?

The application form for the CybageKhushboo Scholarship Program is available on www.cybage.com. It can also be collected from the Cybage Software offices in Pune and Gandhinagar.

Q: How can one refer a student residing outside Pune?

The CybageKhushboo office in Pune caters to the educational requirements of students in and around the city of Pune, Students outside Pune are not eligible because home visits for such students are not feasible.

Q: What are the requirements for being a volunteer?

A little spare time, patience, and lots of enthusiasm are the qualities of a volunteer aspiring to work with CybageKhushboo. By volunteering, you can help CybageKhushboo make a greater difference to the society. You can also contribute with your skills and ideas. Volunteers can write to csr_team@cybage.com, mentioning the activity or project in which they are interested. The following activities are included in the program: interviewing students, home visits, mentoring students, referring a needy student, among others.

Q: Are all events mandatory for volunteers?

No. Volunteers can attend events as per their interests. However, we expect volunteers to display commitment and dedication to their chosen causes.

Q: Is it necessary to donate if one is a CybageKhushboo member?

No, it is not necessary for a CybageKhushboo member to donate. Donations are voluntary.

Q: Who are the PoCs for donations?

Volunteers wishing to make donations should get in touch with members of the CSR team or contact on +91 965 770 2907. A receipt will be provided for each donation.